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Kababs are another nixon timeteller c 85 great dish to have when you want to experience a wonderful taste of India. Kababs can be made with all sorts of meats and vegetables, just meat or just vegetables. A kabab can be made from just about any meat that we have on hand and most vegetables. Popular kabab choices are chicken with vegetables and lamb with vegetables.

Another popular appetizer is the Pakora. The Pakora is also a deep fried snack but is different from the Samosa. The Pakora consists of a piece of chicken, beef, potato, onion, tomato, cauliflower, etc. that is taken as a small bite and dropped into oil to deep fry. It is not stuffed into a piece of pastry dough, but it deep fried as it comes, although can be different depending upon the region where they are being made. Pakoras are dipped into a batter made from chic-peas prior to being deep fried.